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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Sep 1, 2021

As we like to say on the show, this is an enlightened space for riders and horse owners of all disciplines to learn best practices and to discover ways to better connect with their horses. Plus, we like to feel safe and have fun. And speaking of feeling safe and having fun, this episode is about Rider Fear.

Maybe it’s more common among women. Maybe it’s just more openly talked about among women. Maybe what we do, ride an animal that’s about 10 times our weight is a good, cold fact to consider. According to folks out there who do risk assessment, riding is risky --  about as risky as riding is fun, safe, rewarding, and something we feel deeply passionate about.

Rider fear for many of us might be one element that’s part of a greater calculus. We hope it’s down there with the paper clips, you know, tiny bits in the big cluttered drawer that is how we feel about horses. For some folks, though, we know it can be all-consuming.

Rather than invite experts in emotions, therapists or researchers, or whoever, Jec and I along with Amy Skinner share our thoughts and experiences. Please note that we are definitely NOT experts or therapists and this episode should not be interpreted as such. We also want to thank Connie Crawford for suggesting the topic

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Apologies in advance for a few audio glitches.

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