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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Dec 1, 2022

This is episode 9 of season three and in it, Jec interviews Andria Massie, an integrative therapist who works with her husband, Dr. Keaton Massie, in Oregon. Together, they run Massie Veterinary Service.

Here, Jec and Andria discuss rehabilitation and also the trend in collaborative care, one might even call it palliative care for horses. Some interesting ideas, especially for high level performers and well-resourced owners.

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It makes sense, right? Everything is connected to everything. We can help our horses by knowing more about differing aspects of their being – from anatomy to physiology to nutrition to conditioning and biomechnics and hoof care. As Jec and Andria point out, we can insist that the professionals talk to one another and reach some common course to follow. But we can also arm ourselves with at least a junior scientist-level knowledge, empowering ourselves and helping our horses in the process. And…who knows, maybe saving some money in the process.

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