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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Feb 1, 2023

This is Episode 16 of Season Three. Another special episode!

We offer this week another recorded Question and Answer session with presenters at the Best Horse Practices Summit, an annual conference I direct, with academic and arena presentations. In this session, Dr. Sheryl King moderates and presenters Josh Nichol, Patrick King, and Jec Ballou offer answers. Dr. King also chimes in with her thoughts.

The questions for this session are:

  • What are five basic skills your horses should know to set them up for success?
  • Is it ever appropriate to have physical correction?
  • What are the five skills that horse owners should have in order to interact well with vet and other equine professionals
  • What are the skills every vet or other equine professional should have?

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Oh, and two more little bits:

I want to mention Steeped Coffee. It’s a new company based in Santa Cruz. Near Jec Ballou, in fact. Steeped sent over a box of their coffee bags, with several different roasts. Delicious.

And Jack Wolfskin. It’s a German company with excellent gear for outdoors-y people, which we all are, of course. Years ago, I met the owner when I was working on a guest ranch in Montana. And I’ve been keeping tabs on the company ever since. I’m testing the Waldsee Jacket as a winter layer and I love it.

Just a note, in case you didn’t recognize some additional voices: that’s presenter Pepper Landson, who speaks about the large animal vet shortage and offers a potential solution. And then I add some thoughts on the para vet paradigm in Afghanistan.

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