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Best Horse Practices Podcast

May 11, 2022

In this episode, Jec visits with Alayne Blickle of Horses for Clean Water. Alayne is a former Best Horse Practices Summit presenter based in Idaho. Here, she talks about many strategies we can use to address best practices around horse management. Got ticks? Got mud? Got mice? Got flies? Got wind? There are great insights here. I hope you enjoy the show. Watch her BHPS presentation on Sustainable Solutions here.

When I first heard the word biosecurity being used in horse-related conversations, I thought it applied to strictly vet hospital settings. But even if we are trailering or trail riding with friends, we should be aware of simple biosecurity protocol. I am thankful, too, for Alayne’s ideas around working with nature to create better environments for our horses, and, of course, for the wildlife with which we interact – knowingly or not.

A few additional show notes:

We’ve heard from listeners around a few very interesting topics which we are going to address in upcoming episodes as we round out our second season:

-- Julie wrote in to ask about cross training. In particular, she’s wondering how running and riding can get along. So since Jec and I are both runners and since our friend Katrin Silva is an accomplished runner, we’re going to talk together as a trio. Just to be clear: Jec and Katrin are quite good. I am a solid walk/run/walk runner who is just happy to be out there on the trails.

-- Ellie asked about the various forms of bitless bridling, including using a rope halter, a hackamore, or a bitless bridle. We’re going to visit on that with Ben Longwell, who I interviewed for early in Season Two and who’s recently moved from New Zealand back to the States.

So stay tuned!

Watch Alayne Blickle's BHPS presentation on Sustainable Solutions here.

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Thanks for listening y’all!