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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Oct 6, 2023

This is Episode 10 of Season 4 and in it, Jec holds a Coaches’ Corner with our frequent and friendly guest, Amy Skinner. The two horsewomen discuss body work and as well as other services that can be hired and provided to your horses. 

What do you think?

We’ve had Jim Masterson, founder of the Masterson Method, present at the Best Horse Practices Summit twice. The evidence is certainly strong for this kind of body work helping horses. And Jim is a wonderful, generous presenter who has put hands on thousands of horses and mentored scores of Masterson Method providers. BHPS 2022 presentation. BHPS 2021 Presentation

But Jec and Amy are on to something when they talk about the possible red flags or, say, caution flags, when it comes to body work, chiropractic work, acupunture, as well as supplements, and other extra-care type elements of horse ownership. Are they worth it? Is there another reason you might be subscribing to it?

I was listening to a podcast about self-care. Actually, it was about the industry of self-care, of all the stuff you can buy to care for yourself, of music to listen to, of essential oils to smell, of chairs and sunglasses, and, well, stuff! When really, though, self-care isn’t about stuff at all. 

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Dr. Sherry King, in an article for Best Horse Practices, wrote that horses may not want or need the stuff Amy and Jec mentioned. She said:

When we misinterpret our relationship with our horse, when we move beyond the role of caring steward to treating the horse like an extension of ourselves and our family, we err to the detriment of the horse. We end up loving it badly.

The next time you catch yourself doing “something special” for your horse, stop. Think. Are you really doing this for your horse, or are you doing it for you? If it is really for you, is it also good for the horse?

Beware false prophets of equine welfare – what they preach may actually be bad for horse’s health.

This is not a clarion call to stop all the extra stuff you’re doing for your horses. But maybe cast a critical eye on it?

Oh, I mentioned the podcast on self-care: The two women kind of dissected the self-care industry as appealing to our consumerist nature, that if we can just buy something that someone assures us is comforting and soothing, then we will be comforted and soothed. But, they pointed out, the ultimate comfort comes from turning inward not outward. It is doing the things that don’t cost anything but time and effort. Like maybe meditation or really thinking about life priorities and then consciously shifting your days to better represent what you want and what you need. Like maybe riding more or giving your horses’ more exercise since we know that’s almost always of great benefit to the horses.

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