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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Nov 30, 2022

Jec interviews Dr. Stacie Boswell, a vet and author based in Montana. Stacie wrote The Ultimate Guide for Horses in Need, a book about the care, training, and rehabilitation for rescues, adoptions, and horses in transition.

Here, Jec and Stacie discuss horse stress:

How does stress manifest in horses? How can we help them?

As you might imagine, I have two cents on this. Most stress for horses is caused by us humans. How we handle them and how we keep them directly impacts their physical and mental well-being – or, as Dr. Boswell describes it, emotional and physiological state.

Fresh off the brilliant keynote address by Dr. Sheryl King at the Best Horse Practices Summit in Lexington, we know that keeping horses on grain, in stalls, and away from a group setting all put horses at risk for colic. The Three F’s are what I keep in mind: Freedom, Friends, and Forage.

All the supplements in the world won’t help a horse as much as turnout with other horses.

Jec makes reference to EHV1, that acronym stands for Equine Herpesvirus, an extremely common virus among horses which most of the time has little or no serious impact on horses. When it flares up, however, it can cause respiratory, neurologic, and other harmful effects. 

One more thing: Thank you, thank you for all the feedback on our last episode. It was overwhelming, gratifying, and heartwarming to hear your messages of support and to learn about your journeys and how you’re working through them.

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Thanks for listening, y’all!