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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Feb 15, 2023

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This is Episode 18 of Season 3 and it’s an On the Fence segment in which Jec and I discuss a prompt from Art, a listener in Michigan. It concerns how best to introduce a non-horse-y person to the horse experience. I think we have some good starting points and will look forward to any suggestions you all might like to add. 

Just a humble disclaimer here: I finally got Covid. Or, should I say, I have finally run into the energy-sapping, isolation-requiring wall that is Covid. It's had me sleeping half the day, coughing up a fit, and it has robbed me of brain cells I thought I had. I’m starting to feel better, but, boy, it’s been a haul. I sure hope you all are healthy and staying warm this winter. 

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That’s it. Another episode in the can and out of the barn. Thanks for listening, y’all!