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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Jun 8, 2023

Jec interviews Lee McLean from Alberta Canada. Lee likes to approach horse work with an eye on common sense, pragmatism, and fun.  She grew up in a ranching family, but is savvy in side saddle, dressage, and other disciplines. While there was probably no end to topics for Jec and Lee, they picked one that I think we can all relate to, that is, how to nurture well-being for our horses in a holistic way, in a way that conjures athleticism and good movement without the snootiness and specificity that folks say is plaguing our circles.

Can you ride and do yoga and play tennis or soccer? Well, your horse could and should be versatile like that, too.

I really love the idea of mixing it up with our horses. Trying new things. Asking them to do something, as Lee says, outside the box. Especially outside the sandbox of an arena. You know, for me, the arena is actually the novel space. So, this interview reminded me to get our butts down to the fairgrounds for some exploratory time there. And, yes, Lee, I will make it fun!

Check out her NickerNews guest columns here: 10 Hard Truths and Riding as We Get Older.

Visit her website or Facebook page.

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