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Best Horse Practices Podcast

May 5, 2021

In this episode, Jec interviews Matt DeYoung, executive director of Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship. He’s a mountain biker. I know. What is Matt doing on our podcast?

Much has been said about mountain bike and horse interactions and often it starts with ‘ew’ or ‘dang’ or ‘don’t get me started’ – but thankfully, there are folks like Jec and Matt and organizations like SCMTS and Backcountry Horsemen that have great approaches to trail sharing.. 

Another insightful and enjoyable session with Jec and company. 

We welcome CR Ranchwear to our sponsorship family and we thank Pharm Aloe Equine. Pharm Aloe offers aloe pellets and gel and other products to support horses’ GI health, immune system, aid the balancing of stomach pH, support normal detoxification, and normal inflammatory response processes. 

CR Ranchwear is a kickass company based in Texas. They make gorgeous shirts, like the watercolor floral or the line of sugar skull fabrics. All handmade in the Lone Star State. 

Also, we welcome back Lucerne Farms, the forage company based in northern Maine. More about them next week.

And hearty thanks to Redmond Equine, Kate’s Real Food and Patagonia WorkWear for their continuing support.

We continue to offer WorkWear giveaways and other goodies every month. In April, we gave away a WorkWear vest and one of their new rugby shirts as well as two copies of Horse & Riders The Essential Hoof.

This month, we’re giving away more Patagonia WorkWear AND a few items from Yeti. Visit our website for details.

Thanks for listening y’all!