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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Jul 19, 2023

This is Episode 2 of Season 4, and in it, Jec and I reconnect after some time off and have an On the Fence chat in which we talk about some summer projects, those of our listeners, and personal pet peeves, specific to our horse worlds: "analysis paralysis", group rides, not having rider etiquette, and underestimating our equine partners, for examples. (Oh, but we have more ;)

Did you know?

Jec has a great shop here, where you can find the fantastic exercise and conditioning books she's written. 

Cayuse Communications has a library full of great books, too, by Yours Truly as well as Amy Skinner, Katrin Silva, as well as a terrific, horse-y mystery series by Mark Stevens. 

Check out listener summer plans and projects here

After that segment, we hear from Sampson Moss and Prairie Wind Hat Works. In upcoming episodes, we’ll feature snippets from an interview I did with Sampson and you can learn about all the many aspects of hat making and what goes into crafting the perfect custom hat.

Our title sponsor is Lucerne Farms, producers of quality forage feeds.  It’s hay season, the rain has let up for a while, and the James family is busy in the fields of northern Maine. That’s where they cut alfalfa and timothy for their products. The bales, wrapped tightly in plastic, are perfect for traveling to competitions or horse camping vacations. 

And thanks to Redmond Equine and Pharm Aloe – for generously sponsoring our podcast. Check out Pharm Aloe’s aloe pellets which you can simply sprinkle on your horse’s feed and Redmond’s Rock on a Rope which you can simply hang on a fence. We think you’ll love ‘em.

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That’s it. Another episode in the can and out of the barn. Thanks for listening, y’all!