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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Jun 27, 2023

Hi there, this is Maddy Butcher, producer of Best Horse Practices with Jec Ballou.

We’re taking a little break before launching our fourth season, but we wanted to say "Thank You" to our listeners and to our sponsors. 

It’s been a great 90-show journey in which we’ve talked about hooves, brain science, property management, parasites, gender gyrations, fitness, and much, much more. We’re pretty pleased with our content. We’re also excited that so many listeners have reached out to make suggestions or even sometimes become part of the show. It’s great to be engaged with our audience. So, yes, thanks for your emails.

Coming in Season 4, we plan to continue with listener suggestions, and tackle topics we haven’t discussed, and return to some popular subjects. As usual, our conversations will have a heavy helping of common sense approaches to riding and horse work, supported by science, and devoid of the niche-y-ness that can so often contaminate horse spaces. We all love horses, so let’s focus on that and on trying to optimize what’s in horses’ best interests.

While we move on Season 4, we hope that you might consider dropping a tip in the proverbial tip jar. Yes, we have some support from sponsors and are grateful. But shows take a lot of effort to produce. There are platform fees, equipment, software, and most of all, time. And as they say, time is money.

Thanks again and stay tuned for Season 4. It's going to be great!