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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Feb 28, 2023

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This is Episode 19 of Season 3 and it’s another special detour of sorts, this time to the storytelling that was featured on Saturday night at the Best Horse Practices Summit at Spy Coast Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, late last year. The storytellers are Josh Nichol, Katrin Silva, and Nahshon Cook. Also featured at Spy Coast that evening were Daniel Dauphin, Patrick King, and Amy Skinner. You’ll hear their stories on another upcoming show. Our storytelling sessions are roughly based on the following parameters: stories must be around 10 minutes or less. They must be true and told in first person. They must not be a rant of any kind. 

I think you will agree that their stories help us appreciate that even our heroes and role models are still human, with their own paths and struggles, successes and failures. It’s nice to take a break from typical podcast fodder and dive into the stuff that has shaped who these clinicians are at this point in their lives and careers. 

Apologies for the challenging audio quality. The files came to us from video recordings.

You’ll also here board member and emcee Marika Saarinen in this recording. Oh, and stay listening after the storytelling as we have another treat. Sampson Moss, a talented horseman and hat maker from Alberta, will recite his poem, Heirlooms. 

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Sampson Moss is a cowboy and hat maker I met over the past year or so. He writes:

The first time I started playing around with felt hats was in 2015 when I began reshaping them for myself and friends in my college dorm kitchen. This eventually developed into rebuilding hats for folks all around North America. 

At the start of 2020, I drove down to Newcastle, Utah, to apprenticed under Chaz Mitchell, who runs Chaz Mitchell Custom Hatz. It took me about a year to get my ducks in a row with tools, suppliers, and materials. In January of 2021, I produced Number One of Prairie Wind Hat Works. Since then, each hat I make has an accompanying serial number and my client’s name stamped into a goatskin sweatband. 

Aside from being a hatmaker, I’m also I’m also a dayworking cowboy, cowboy poet, a musician, and heavy duty mechanic. I majored in agribusiness in college. I was raised in southern Alberta and am currently situated near Pincher Creek.

For information on ordering a custom hat, head over to Prairie Wind Hat Works

Read more about Sampson Moss and his poetry. 

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That’s it. Another episode in the can and out of the barn. Thanks for listening, y’all!