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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

We debut Gender Gyrations, a conversation around gender bias in our horse communities. With comments from listeners and Mustang Maddy, who posted about it recently. 

Also, a great discussion around trailering and trailer loading and unloading with Jec and horsewoman Amy Skinner, after a listener writes in about this...

Feb 22, 2021

In Episode 17, Jec interviews Gayle Ecker, director of Equine Guelph (pronounced ‘gwelf’) at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

Ecker is at the forefront of offering evidence-based, research-supported online courses for students of the horse, from emergency large animal rescue to colic...

Feb 15, 2021

Dr. Sara Tanza founded Pelvic Potential, a physical therapy clinic in Santa Cruz, California. She visits with Jec about the challenges around pelvic strength and mobility. It's all tied to our ability to connect clearly through our seat with our horses. Tightness, asymmetry, and weakness in the pelvic area may all...

Feb 2, 2021

Dr. Lacher of Springhill Equine in northern Florida likes to research any supplement that her clients are giving their horses or thinking of giving their horses. 

Turns out, she says, almost none have any research to support their claims. While the placebo effect may not impact your horse, it does impact you and your...

Jan 27, 2021

In this episode, Jec interviews Englishman-turned-Utahn Mike Mumford. 

Mike has had an exciting horsemanship journey, starting in the British Army and then to the Los Angeles Olympics where he competed in the Modern Pentathlon, including fencing, show jumping, cross country running, and other sports. 

Now Mike is an...