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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Jun 23, 2021

Even though we haven’t really taken a break, we’re calling this Season 2. That makes this episode, episode 1 of Season 2. Thanks for carrying us through to another season.

Okay, so I wanted to share with you a heat and drought scenario that unfolded with me, my horse and dogs recently. It definitely pushed against...

Jun 15, 2021

I’m feeling pretty pleased that here we are at Episode 30. Thirty! It was about a year ago when Jec and I first started bouncing around the idea of a podcast. We were decidedly not interested in just throwing one out there for the heck of it or having it be a gab session or a chance to share just our own deal and our...

Jun 7, 2021

Today, Jec loans the mic to me for an interview with Whit Hibbard, a fourth generation Montana rancher and low stress stockmanship professional. I met Whit many years ago when he was passing through Colorado, giving presentations on low stress stockmanship and livestock handling.

There’s a strong parallel I see with...