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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Jun 23, 2021

Even though we haven’t really taken a break, we’re calling this Season 2. That makes this episode, episode 1 of Season 2. Thanks for carrying us through to another season.

Okay, so I wanted to share with you a heat and drought scenario that unfolded with me, my horse and dogs recently. It definitely pushed against the ‘what is safe whilst riding in the heat’ protocols.

Even though it was forecast for hot and dry, for a moment it got overcast and windy and it seemed like it’d be like that for several hours. I saddled up and headed out with my horse, Barry, and two dogs. I took two liters of water, snacks, and a book. We were headed to the river where I'd hobble Barry to graze and the dogs and I could chill for a few hours before heading back. It’d be a 12-mile round trip.

Listen to learn more. 

Okay, so for Episode 1 of our new season, we welcome Ben Longwell of True West Horsemanship.

Ben and his wife, Natalie, live in New Zealand where they run lessons and clinics and produce an online video library. They also come to the States most years to do guided ranch tours – it’s pretty neat, a trip for New Zealanders to ride on working ranches, learn horsemanship and apply some stockmanship, and even to shop at stores like IFA and Big R – where you can get gear and clothes that you just can’t get in New Zealand.

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Thanks for listening y’all!