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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Mar 23, 2023

It's good to remind listeners of our mission once in a while. Here it is:

Our show is a space for riders and horse owners of all disciplines to learn best practices and to discover ways to better connect with their horses. Plus, we like to feel safe and have fun. Fitness, of mind and body, the ability to think critically about our horse work as well as embracing a beginner’s mind, are all parts of this lucky equine equation that Jec and I hold dear.

We offer these shows for free. If you think it’s worthy of a small contribution, we sure would appreciate it.

This is Episode 22 of Season 3 and in it, Jec interviews Lynn Acton, the author of What Horses Really Want, for Coaches’ Corner, to answer a listener question. Our listener, Ann, writes about her recovering-from-injury mare and the vet’s guidance of slowly getting back to more exercise. The concern is around Ann’s horse being too exuberant, rip-roaring to get back to exercise and movement that might compromise her careful rehab. What options and strategies does she have?

It's an interesting conversation and I admit that there are things I would not have thought of. But there are also things that I thought of that aren’t mentioned. For instance, ponied the rehabilitating horse. Or jogging with her. Stay tuned for the outro as I have a question for you!

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There were a few minutes that were edited out because of audio quality. But during that time, Jec and Lynn talked a bit about music and how incorporating it into your horse work can be helpful and engaging to the horse. Jec has found, for instance, that horses she has trained for musical freestyle work can learn to cue to the music. There is some research around the effects of music on horses, but in my opinion it is more click bait than good science and it has been frustrating to see that kind of work get a lot of unmerited attention. 

Anyway, I put it to you: What are your thoughts around music and horses?

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That’s it. Another episode in the can and out of the barn. Thanks for listening, y’all!