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Best Horse Practices Podcast

Nov 7, 2023

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This is Episode 13 of Season 4 in which Jec and I have an On the Fence segment.  We are returning to a little theme that has been running through our shows, in which we ask the question (and take stabs at answering it) how are we doing? How is the horse industry doing? How are the trainers and other horse professionals doing? Our hunch is that burnout is real and financial struggles are real and that any alleviation of these difficulties is elusive.

We’re turning to our listeners for answers, too, and everyone who reaches out is in the running for Patagonia WorkWear. Heck, we’re also throwing in stickers, Redmond Equine products and a complimentary book from Cayuse Communications. So let us hear from you!

Jec mentions Karen Rohlf and her show interview. 

I mention mental health challenges and the mental health forum, taking place here in southwestern Colorado in mid-February, 2024. Learn more about that here and here. 

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We are really looking forward to hearing from you to bolster this conversation with your experiences. Our colleague Katrin Silva is having a related conversation around what’s wrong in the dressage world and the show world. We know it’s not just the judges. We know it’s not just the trainers. Is it a systemic problem? If so, how can we best address it? Do we all need to be a little bit more knowledgeable and accountable? Sometimes the horse industry seems a bit like a freighter. Very hard to correct its course. 

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